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Our Team
More details about The Prodeck-Fixing Team
  • James Fisher
    James FisherManaging DirectorJames Fisher is the Managing Director of Prodeck-Fixing
  • John Tranmer
    John TranmerDesigns/Drawing DepartmentJohn Tranmer is Head of the design and drawing department
  • Mike
    MikeSteel Decking ConsultantMike is Manager of Consultancy and schedules.
  • Installation Department
    Installation DepartmentInstallersProdeck-Fixing has a large qualified and Professional Team of installers for both Steel Decking Profiles and Safety in Construction.
  • Safety Department
    Safety DepartmentSafety ConsultantProdeck-Fixing has a fully qualified team of safety consultants regarding safety netting, Air Mats, FASET and safety in Construction.
  • Factory Department
    Factory DepartmentFactory Welded SteelMany products are Factory made by Prodeck-Fixing and with a large on-site factory Prodeck-Fixing are able to pre-Weld many components in advance prior to projects saving time and costs.
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