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Supply & Install

Mobile Stud Welding Rigs to Factory Pre-Studded Beams
Thrudeck, Straight to Beams, Sheet Piles, Pre-Cast Concrete Beams

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Safety Netting - FASET


Prodeck-fixing are accredited members of FASET and our operatives are Fully Trained & Qualified to FASET Standards (Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Trained).
All Safety Equipment is manufactured in Accordance with European Standards.
We are constantly assessing the Safety measures within the work place.

We also provide for the supply and installation of safety air bags and safety matting to the Construction industry. We are also providers for Debris Netting,  Safety Netting & Net Rigging in accordance with PARTS 1&2 of BS 1

Safety Air Mats

Air Mats and Safety matting is the affordable solution to fall protection while working from any height in Construction, load areas, staging or roofing. We are a UK provider and supplier of Air Mats and Safety Matting.


Safety Netting for working at heights or within the Construction Industry is essential and why we are very Proud of our Health & Safety for working in the Construction Industry Environment.

Safety is Paramount with Prodeck-Fixing where all Clients benefit from the Experience and Qualifications from long term invested training with Prodeck-Fixing’s highly trained Staff, our Improving Standards in Health & Safety is always an on-going standard.

We are also providers and suppliers of Air Matting for working at height.

Safety and Debris Netting

When working within the Construction environment and at height we use the latest provision of all Safety Standards from the use of Safety Netting & Safety Net Rigging. Not only our Installers benefit from the use of our Safety Nets but other Construction workers too working in the same Environment.

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