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Steel Decking Contractors


The Complete Construction Solution

Prodeck-Fixing now offer the complete Construction Solution for the Decking Industry with Design Team, Steel Metal Decking profiles supplied and Installed for any sized project. During the UK Construction Industry decline in the past 5 years Prodeck-Fixing have grown in size and expanded with qualified employee team members.

Supplied & Installed

The supply and installations provides almost every kind of enquiry from a simple delivery of steel deck composite profiles to a one off installation of reinforced Concrete flooring. The Prodeck-Fixing supply and install service is perfect from the largest of Construction projects to the smallest requirement or a simple design.

Decking Systems – Steel Metal Deck

Prodeck-Fixing are able to supply and install all types of decking from Tata and Comflor®, steel or metal decking.

Composite Slabs and Concrete Flooring

Composite decking profiles and slab deck profiles for roof and flooring includes reinforced Concrete flooring systems are available.

Structural Deck Solutions

Structural Decking Systems are available for European, UK and International markets with Prodeck-Fixing.

Roofing & Flooring Designs

The Prodeck-Fixing Design team are able to consult with architects and project managers to ensure all drawings comply with all building standards.

Safety with FASET

FASET businesses in the Construction Industry are essential as working in the building trade there is danger at every corner, from debris and personnel working at height. Prodeck-Fixing provide Faset training and guidance for all businesses and Decking or building projects.

Netting and Air Mats

Safety Nets and Construction Air Mats provide additional safety when working on construction projects with height. UK Suppliers Prodeck-Fixing are able to provide training and installation guidance for both Safety Netting and Air Mats where required.

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