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Supply & Install

Mobile Stud Welding Rigs to Factory Pre-Studded Beams
Thrudeck, Straight to Beams, Sheet Piles, Pre-Cast Concrete Beams

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Safety Netting - FASET

Mobile Welding Rigs

We have a large range of Construction Vehicles including 4x Mobile Welding Rigs along with Stud Welding machines for Construction Site locations with appropriate Power Source.

Products & Services

Prodeck-Fixing offer a vast range of Stud Welding Products and Services with Mobile Stud Welding Rigs to Factory Pre-Studded Beams, Thrudeck, Straight to Beams, Sheet Piles, Pre-Cast Concrete Beams, Mobile Welding Rigs, Static Welding and more for the Construction Industry.

Thrudeck or Steel Welding

As Professional Stud Welders we are able to supply and fix ALL available Sizes of Welded Shear Studs for ThruDeck and Straight to Steel Welding.

Stud Welding

Prodeck-Fixing only use the Best High Performance Compact Stud Welding Equipment the Welding Industry can provide.

As suppliers and Installers of Steel Decking and Stud Welding we work closely with Corus Ltd, Europes Second largest Steel manufacturer  and Producer, we are always able to assess stock levels for large or small projects.

  • Mobile Welding Rigs
  • Static Welding
  • Thrudeck
  • Pre-studded Beams
  • Sheet Piles

Mobile Stud Welding or Factory Pre-Studded Beams with Safety

Through long term investment, safety and training we have one of the most Experienced and Specialised Group of Stud Welding Members in the UK among the Professional and Highly skilled team of welders.

  • Enquiry

    Your enquiry is treated with the utmost Professional service. Materials, Safety, Parts or Projects

  • Consultation

    During Consultations Prodeck-Fixing cover all aspects in depth from Designs, materials, supply and installing.

  • Schedule

    Keeping clients updated to each process of an agreed set schedule is how Prodeck-Fixing keep in contact,every step of the way.

  • Installation

    Working to time schedules and delivery dates for installations and deliveries is what sets Prodeck-Fixing apart from other Steel Decking Companies.

  • Exceeding Expectations

    Prodeck-Fixing provide full support through all steps of each project and exceeding expectations on every project.

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